• Sometimes we get stuck in our relationships with our partners and our communication becomes blocked by something; fear, anxiety, stress, or a past experience that triggers us. It can be a bit scary and difficult when this happens, but there is help available. 
  • I work with couples who have a desire to create a more intimate, open, honest, and healthy relationship. I believe that couple’s therapy is an effective tool to improve communication and transparency within your intimate relationship. I work with all types of couples who have one thing in common; a desire to become healthier in their relationship.
  • “Healthy” can mean different things for a lot of people. I believe in meeting you where you are at, which often means helping you to redefine what YOUR definition of “healthy’ is.
  • The temptation to compare ourselves to others is more prevalent than ever in an ever-expanding technological world, and I understand that this is a very real part of society today. Yet, we can’t let what we see via social media, television, and external appearances, dictate how we develop and grow in our own relationship.
  • If you are someone who wants to become healthier in your partnership, then couple’s therapy may be a great option for you. In couple’s therapy, you can expect me to help you identify the healthiest parts of your relationship and build on them, facilitating individual and relational growth.

Some examples of couples that I work with:

  • Couples where one/both partners struggles with substance abuse
  • Same sex couples
  • Heterosexual couples
  • Couples where one/both partners are transgenders
  • Co-habitating partners
  • Married partners
  • Couples after infidelity