Family Therapy


Family therapy is a unique opportunity to strengthen the family system and create an even more supportive and thriving dynamic between family members. Trained in Marriage and Family Therapy at Southern Connecticut State University, I am well-versed in Bowen family systems, Gestalt, Structural family therapy, and Solution-focused modalities.

As a systemic post-modern thinker, I believe that all “problems” are a result of unsuccessful attempts to solve problems. I believe that we are all very well-intentioned people who often attempt to utilize the resources we have to solve our own problems. Our attempts, though, may actually be getting in our own way. Sometimes, we need a third party to step-in and point out some different solutions to our problems.

In family therapy, you can expect me to be patient and honored to be invited into your family system. I will honor each family member’s point of view and perspective of the “problem”. I will also be unafraid to point out the strengths in the family, as I have found that every single family has strengths, no matter the circumstances. Together, we will create a new experience in which each family member is heard, supported, and validated. In this new experience, a new relational dynamic will be created and problems will no longer be seen as problems.

I believe that each individual has a role in the family. No single person is to be “blamed,” in fact, I have found blame to be very ineffective in the long run. Instead, each person is to be held accountable for the role that they play and the way that they strengthen and support the family.

I have worked with many different type of families. Some different families that I have worked with include:

-Single-parent families

-Blended families

-Adoptive parents and multigenerational families

-Families where substance abuse is present in parents and/or children