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Leaving Behind your Role in your Family System

I wanted to be therapist since I was a young kid. That's weird, right? For as long as I can remember, this was my dream job. Other kids were dreaming of being professional basketball players, Hollywood movie stars, doctors, etc, and I was dreaming of sitting in an office listening to someone talk about their… Continue reading Leaving Behind your Role in your Family System

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The Power of Awareness

  Often times, we are clueless about the motivation behind our actions. We can be quick to blame others, to attack others, and to find fault in others. We act, react, and repeat. It’s a cycle. Most of the time, we don’t think too much about the why or how of it.   Life is… Continue reading The Power of Awareness

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Cancer Part II

As I’m sitting in the hospital room—pretending to watch the television out of a desire to appear like I know what to do there—I get a momentary flash of sadness. That’s how it happens, I realize—in flashes. There are momentary feelings of sadness and fear, and then guilt for those feelings because—I’m not the one… Continue reading Cancer Part II