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Your Emotions are Valid

“But so many people have it worse than me, my problems aren’t that important”— is a line that I hear VERY often as a therapist.  I will often stop my clients in their tracks when they say this. I will often say “Stop. Your problems are yours- you are allowed to feel however you are… Continue reading Your Emotions are Valid

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Time: Our Most Precious Gift

I am sitting here on my living room couch, surrounded by the life that I have created. From the high-energy dog sitting across from me to the curtains hanging on my bay window to the quality of my thoughts--I am acutely aware that these are all things that I have chosen and invited into my… Continue reading Time: Our Most Precious Gift

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10 Things to Know about Pain

Pain wants to be recognized. If it isn’t, it will beckon for your attention until it is. Pain doesn’t understand reason or practicality. It needs recognition. 25 years of pushing down pain taught me this. I covered pain up with anything I could find. I escaped it all costs. I couldn’t bear to sit with… Continue reading 10 Things to Know about Pain