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In Order to Follow your Path



In order to follow your path, sometimes you need to be willing to let go of that which does not serve you.

We’ve heard this a million times; I know I have. It sounds great, profound..powerful, but what does it actually mean?

  1. It means that you are willing to walk away from others/let others walk away from you who are not aligned with your purpose and your core values. People will come in and out of our lives as long as we live on this earth. Very few will stay. This isn’t meant to be depressing, but it is meant to shine a light on the value in wearing life like a loose garment. Attachment to people is natural, but letting go really ought to be just as natural for many people. Not everyone is meant to be in our lives forever; some are meant to teach us something, to heal something in ourselves, to provide compassion or patience.
  2. It means that you are willing to let go of situations that make you uncomfortable or don’t serve your highest good. This could apply to several different scenarios. If you aren’t comfortable with how friends are speaking about other people, you walk away. If you aren’t comfortable going to a party, you don’t go. If something in your gut tells you this isn’t safe for you, you listen.
  3. It means that you are willing to walk away from jobs that don’t serve your highest good. Jobs that don’t fulfill your purpose, or support your well-being, or match your core values.
  4. Pay close attention to this one: It also means that you are willing to walk away from things that are “good”. This is probably the one that trips us up the most. When we have a good thing going, we convince ourselves there is no reason to walk away. But sometimes “good” isn’t what is meant for us. These are the most challenging situations because this is often when fear sets in. “What if this is the best I can do?” “What if I will regret making this decision later on?” “Who do I think I am walking away from something good?” We have all been there, questioning our next move.
  5. Lastly, walking away from things that don’t serve your highest good means that you will elevate yourself to a higher good. The universe responds to what you put out. It matches you, sometimes tenfold. When you make a choice to walk away, there will be another, more suitable opportunity on the horizon. This has proven to be true in many, many people I have seen who walk a spiritual path of life. This has been true in my life, too. The times I have finally admitted to myself “This is not my truth” and walked away from something, another door opens itself.

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