10 Ways Cats are Best Friends

10 Ways Cats are the Best Friends

  1. They are the ultimate Zen Masters. My cats are enlightened. Yes, you read that correctly. Enlightened. They meditate for hours daily. HOURS! They constantly inspire me. I’ve never seen anything so peaceful then when my cats are taking their daytime naps. They are content just about anywhere including the kitchen counter, my bed, on top of the Air Conditioner, or on the bathroom tile. They are Zen Masters. See photo below.


  1. They are super low maintenance. We’ve all had friends that take forever to get ready to go out. Friends that tell you they will be over in a minute and two hours later they show up at your house. Cats would never do this to you. They can literally shower anywhere (if you don’t mind them licking themselves in public). Also, they require very little to be happy. Cats HATE manicures so you don’t need to worry about budgeting those in.
  1. They fight clean. Cats know how to fight clean. No low-blows here or below-the-belt comments. My cats actually have a lot of fun fighting, too. I honestly don’t know where they got the term “catty” because my cats do not act that way. They fight with respect and honor. When one of them wants to end the fight, the other one respects it. Can you imagine that happening with your human friends? “I would not like to fight anymore.” “Sure, no problem, Namaste!”
  1. They have little to no expectations of you. This might be my favorite thing about my cats. They have NO expectations of me. They love me when I am exhausted, cranky, snarky, moody, etc. Unconditional love in its purest form!


  1. They don’t judge you. Cats are completely non-judgmental. Did you order delivery five times this week? They don’t care. Late to work today? They don’t care. Didn’t go to the gym for the past month? They don’t care. They. Don’t. Care. How refreshing!


  1. They cuddle with you. Cats are the greatest cuddle buddies. My cat, Joy, can sense when I am having a hard time. She comes and sleeps right by my side on the tough days. They also love rubbing up against you, and head-butting you. Which of your human friends do that? That’s what I thought.


  1. They always want you to have a piece of them wherever they go. Also, it’s way better than having a lame-o “Best friend necklace”. Cats always leave a piece of them with you. Yes, I am talking about their hair but so what? They are always thinking of you.


  1. They build forts with you. Cats are the best fort-builders. If I were to ask any of my human friends to build a fort, they would send me to therapy. I don’t need that kind of judgment in my life. If I want to build a fort, I am going to build a fort. With my cats.


  1. They provide you with an endless number of “Awwwws” on a daily basis. When I first got my second cat, Pumpkin, she brought cuteness to a new level that I didn’t think was possible on earth. See photo below. How is it even possible to be sad when you live with this creature?

xmas cat 



  1. They keep your heart open. My cats opened up my heart in a way that I didn’t think was possible. My first cat, Joy, was born with one eye. When I first went to look at her at the shelter, the man in the waiting room said to me “Do you know that she has one eye?” I knew—I saw the photos of her. I loved her even more.


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