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The Power of Awareness



Often times, we are clueless about the motivation behind our actions. We can be quick to blame others, to attack others, and to find fault in others. We act, react, and repeat. It’s a cycle. Most of the time, we don’t think too much about the why or how of it.


Life is busy and chaotic and maybe we don’t have time to think about our conscience, or maybe we simply don’t want to. Whatever our particular reason is, the commonality is clear: we are lacking awareness.


So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that we may not be aware that, almost always, our actions say something about us, not the person they directed their actions towards.


Luckily, the flipside is also true. What others do isn’t about us; it’s about them. It’s the Second Agreement: Don’t Take Anything Personally. The Second Agreement tells us not to take anything personally; it tells us that even when people direct their anger, frustration, and unrest at us—it’s not about us.


Everything we do is because of us, not anyone else. Did you lose your cool with a co-worker at work? It’s because of you, not because of your co-worker. Maybe you have been frustrated for days at work and haven’t voiced your opinion until you reached your limit.


We act from our worldviews, our backgrounds, our upbringings, our thoughts, our assumptions, etc. and ad infinitum.


Our lives are a projection of who we are.


What we attract is a projection of who we are. Our jobs are a projection of who we are. Our homes are a projection of who we are. Our cars are a projection of who we are. Even the television shows we watch are a projection of who we are (Gulp.)


It’s a beautiful and terrifying thing. We can attract in our lives what we want.


The key that opens all doors is awareness.

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