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Putting out the Energy you want to Receive


We always get back from the universe what we give it. Energy doesn’t lie.

I remember the first time someone pointed out to me “You have manifested exactly the life that you wanted to create.” At the time that I was told this, I was having financial struggles and, specifically, she was referring to my financial life. Although I didn’t want to hear it, I knew she was right! I grew up with a certain attitude towards money and I carried this attitude into my adulthood. Then, I  consciously recognized that this was no longer an attitude that I wanted to have nor a life that I wanted to manifest.

It got me thinking a lot about how much of our life we manifest. For example, if you grew up in a household where chaos is normal, do you carry this into your adulthood? Do you seek out chaos in relationships? Or if you grew up in a home where material things were prioritized and cherished, did you carry this into your adulthood? What attitudes and mentalities do we unconsciously carry from our childhoods into our adulthoods? Do we consciously choose which ones we keep or does it happen automatically?

On a subconscious, energetic level, every single decision we make is a part of a larger manifestation. Even if you don’t believe in the power of manifesting, or you aren’t a spiritual person but rather a logical, scientific one, I guarantee you can see parallels in your life.

Like most things, the first step to change is an awareness of what is. So, if you become aware of the parts that you have carried into your adulthood that you don’t want to own, you can eventually let them go.

Perhaps to understand this better we need to tackle the word “manifest.” If you are anything like me, you think this word means “magically obtain”. This is not necessarily true. Manifestation requires work, too, it’s not ONLY magic (but it is a little bit of it). Manifestation requires a certain attitude of willingness in addition to effort and openness.

For me, manifestation happens with dedication, prioritizing, and unwavering effort. Manifestation means that I work hard, am patient, and am open to opportunity when it presents itself. Manifestation means that I let go of the idea I had in my head about what things would be like. Manifestation means that I give the universe some power, some space to work in my life.

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