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Time: Our Most Precious Gift

I am sitting here on my living room couch, surrounded by the life that I have created. From the high-energy dog sitting across from me to the curtains hanging on my bay window to the quality of my thoughts–I am acutely aware that these are all things that I have chosen and invited into my life.

They didn’t happen by accident, nor were they random. My job, my partner, the way I choose to spend my time…all intentional choices. The almond milk in my fridge, the fig candle scent, the amount of time I spend on my phone, the amount of time I spend  watching television….all part of the life that I have created. Nothing random. I am fully responsible for my life–go ahead, try saying it 😉

Do me a favor–look around at your life for a moment. Visualize it and think about how you have invited most things in your life. There are some things that we don’t invite, that we don’t get to have a choice over. There are traumas, losses, unforeseen circumstances that we truly do not invite into our life. I know this. However, I still whole heartedly believe that most other things have been our decision.

Every day we make thousands of choices- some small and some big, but all important. Our choices are important because they reflect who we are today and who we want to be tomorrow. But the most important choice that you make every single day, day in and day out, is how you spend your time.

Time is our most valuable currency. It cannot be returned or cashed in. It is invaluable and the way that we spend it either blocks us from our best selves or nurtures our best selves. They say “time is money” but really it should be “time is life”. The most precious gift we give and receive is time. I mean, think about it. Think about those families where parents work 24/7 and buy their kids extravagant gifts. Their kids don’t want those gifts, their kids just want to spend time with them.

You are 100% responsible for the life that you are living right now. This is a hard truth to swallow for many of us. I know, it’s rough because it means that all those yucky things in your life have totally been on you. Yes, I am talking about that unhealthy relationship, the job that you hate, the one-too-many glasses of wine you drink, and the friend that you secretly hate but feel obligated to stay connected to. All of those things are 100% ON YOU, no one else.

Once we accept that we have created the life that we currently have, we can also begin to take control of changing it for the better- if that is what we choose to do.When you accept that you have chosen many of the things in your life, you will also accept responsibility for your life. Then, you will take responsibility for creating a life that you truly love. Read that again.

You will take responsibility for creating a life that you truly LOVE. Not like, or tolerate, or kind of enjoy….I am talking about a life that you LOVE. A life involving your wildest dreams, all of those things that you thought were out of your reach— those things, man. They aren’t out of reach. They are entirely possible.

No matter what obstacles you might be facing– what adversities that life has thrown your way, you are still capable of living a life beyond your wildest dreams. You just have to make one tiny decision towards your dream. Then, another decision. Even if you are filled with fear, do it anyways. Fortune favors the bold.

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